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Hey! I'm Ching Hsuan (Jason) Hu and I'm a software developer. I earned my B.S. in Computer Science from the Univeristy of Victoria. I enjoy creating things that live on the internet, whether that be websites, applications, or data dashboards.

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Whether you want to chat, feel free to shoot me an email! I will make my best to answer any of your problem!

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I have being doing various coding projects for a few years now and I'm always eager to learn more in this fast paced industry.

Some technologies that I've worked with:

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What I've Done

( and a lot more are coming soon )

Google Play Store Apps Data Analysis


Sale Analysis Report


Full Stack Face Recognization


Weather Checker




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What I Do On My Free Time

Video Filming

On my free time, I enjoy writing scripts for my video. Even though I often struggle to find my filming or acting buddies, I still enjoy writing a story and try my best to shoot video like a professional videographer and act like a great actor.

Moreover, I enjoy to use video editing softwares such as Adobe Preimere or Final Cut Pro. I always have so much fun playing with it.


I am very interest in investment. I love reading economic journals to see how the experts predict the current and future trends.

The inflation has huge impact to the value of money. Money decreases its value over time. Therefore, I use online trading company to do my investment!